Monday, April 4, 2011

"Home" Sweet Home

Well, for anyone who is wondering, I made it to my parents' house safely! It was actually one of our best trips, because I somehow missed both DC and Baltimore traffic. The kids were I bit whiny, no matter how many snacks or toys I gave them, but other than that it was a pretty easy drive. But now that we are here... I am exhausted! I always think it will be a relaxing break to visit my family: extra adults to help with the kids, someone else cooking meals, limited housework and chores for me to do... Yet somehow, it is much more difficult watching my little ones here than when we are home. It's a new place, so for a few days they completely forget their usual routines, act like they don't know any basic rules like 'share your toys' and 'don't hit your brother,' and they don't sleep well at all! Plus, it is much bigger than our house, and not really childproof, so the kids require much more constant attention than in our own home. So even though it has been wonderful to catch up with my family and see some people I haven't seen for almost a year, I find myself worn out and in need of a true vacation! It's a good reminder that it is so much easier on us to entertain visitors at our own house, rather than traveling all over to see family. I will have to remember this during deployment when I get bored and feel like visiting the family will be "a nice break." It is probably a good thing that our next visit won't be until Christmas! Which do you prefer: going "home" to family, or having relatives come visit you?