Friday, March 4, 2011

Visit from the Grandparents!

This week we were blessed with a visit from my in-laws, who drove down from Delaware to spend half a week with us. We had a GREAT time with them! The kids loved having so much more attention, and more people to spend energy running around with them. We went bowling together, took everyone to the Aquarium, and enjoyed lots of time playing in the backyard. It was tiring for everyone, but overall a wonderful visit.

We are really lucky to be fairly close to both sides of the family. My husband's family is about 6 hours away, and mine is mostly 8 hours away, in Maryland. So it is an acceptable driving distance for a long weekend visit, and we stagger the family visits out so that we see someone every month or 2. This always gives the kids and I something to look forward to, especially during deployments. And it means when I really need someone, I know they can be here.

It wasn't easy getting an East Coast assignment. We could just as easily have been stationed in California, Hawaii, or even Japan! And now that we have children, being close to the families is more important than ever. Honestly, those other duty stations are considered "unacceptable" on my list right now, so we will be choosing my husband's reenlistment job based mostly on geography. I know plenty of people who live across the country from their families, and can only fly home once a year. Are you one of those long-distance people? How have you made family visits work at your current duty station?

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