Thursday, April 21, 2011

Resource Thursday: Tornado Victim Aid

Some of you have heard or read about the tornadoes that swept through Jacksonville, NC on Saturday night. Not only did they destroy a trailer park and apartment complex 1 mile from my house, but they also damaged about 100 houses on Terrawa Terrace, the Camp Lejeune base housing. Even though the base is responsible for the repair of the houses, families who lived there are temporarily living in hotels and shelters. Most are not able to claim any of their belongings because of the amount of glass and debris that is embedded in furniture, clothing, etc. One of my friends, whose house was only "slightly damaged," had to shop-vac the glass shards out of her yard so that it would actually be safe for their child to play!

The military and local community has been incredibly supportive of these displaced families. There are many ways we can help! The Red Cross, Salvation Army, and USO are all involved in taking collections and providing comfort to the victims. If you click on their pages to make a donation, be sure to designate the NC Tornado Victims as the recipient.

When I drive down my road, I can see the Salvation Army tents set up in the field across from what used to be the Holiday City trailer park. The Red Cross has set up a shelter in the Enon Baptist Church on Piney Green, and they are accepting donations of clothes, food, diapers, etc on site. The VFW Post 9133 on Piney Green is also accepting donations of clothing and household goods. The USO is working on Terrawa Terrace at the Community Center, and needs the following items urgently: Water, Disposable Cameras (for property damage photos), Food, Diapers, Baby Wipes, Baby Formula, Moving Supplies (boxes, tape, etc). Once families are able to move into new housing in the next few weeks, there will be a need for household goods, furniture, and even school supplies, so if you have access to these supplies, please consider organizing a donation. These families will be hurting and in need for a LONG time! Please consider helping any way you can!

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  1. i do have extra diapers from my daughter and a few cans of formula. how would i go about sending those items to them? my husband, i and our daughter were supposed to move there once he's back from deployment. if you could please email me back at thank you