Monday, May 2, 2011

I've entered the 21st century!

Since next weekend is our daughter's birthday, my husband surprised me this past weekend with my Mother's day present: a new Droid phone!!! I have finally joined the smart phone culture! This is a pretty big deal, since our previous phones didn't have any internet access or video ability. And now it does more than I can imagine! We have been talking about this for a while, and decided it was a must-have for the upcoming deployment. He will have internet access this time (woohoo!) so being able to connect with him when I am out and about will be a big deal. Plus, I won't have to take pictures with my camera, upload them onto the computer, send them to, and pick them up in the store to give him prints with each care package. That was exhausting! Now I can easily take pictures and videos of our kids and post them to Facebook for him to see. I am still learning all the different tools and having fun downloading free apps. I see there is a Blogger app which I will have to try. And my husband is already enthralled with Angry Birds. :-)
What are your favorite apps? And what technology do you use to stay connected during deployments?

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  1. hahah Ben is obsessed with angry birds I like sudoku...I also left you something over at my blog =D hope you check it out!