Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Waiting Game

Military life demands so much patience! It seems we are always waiting for something: training dates to be set, deployments to end, orders to be processed. Right now the wait is pretty simple, and hopefully short: waiting for my husband to come home. This is no 9-5 job, and he is only occasionally home in time for dinner. Tonight, the children are already in bed, and the wait is longer than usual. The threat of snow has caused the base to announce that they will be closed tomorrow, so the class he is in is keeping him extra long. Presumably, they are trying to squeeze 2 days worth of material into 1 day.
Sometimes waiting is frustrating, but at times like this, when the wait is short, I try to treasure the "gift" of time alone. Of course I prefer evenings when he is home, but the time I have to myself in the house gives me a chance to relax and do something _I_ like. Sometimes it's stupid tasks like cleaning up and starting the dishwasher. Other times I indulge in silly TLC shows or romantic comedies I know he would never watch. Tonight I may even do a workout! So I try to see the time apart as a blessing, not a punishment, and to use it for something special I can't or wouldn't do with him around.
What ways have you found to improve your patience? If you had a few unexpected minutes of quiet, what are you most likely to do with them?

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