Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Catholic Media Promotion Day

It seems March 15th is a good day for Catholics to share their favorite media resources with each other. There are TONS of great links on the Facebook page that created this event. Here are some of my current favorites:
Best Catholic Website: US Conference of Catholic Bishops. You can find tons of resources here, such as the readings used every day at Mass, information about Catholic current events and politics, and more info about saints, prayers, and devotions. There is also a search-able bible if you can remember certain words but not the exact verse citation.

Best Catholic Blog: Catholic Icing . This is a great site full of crafts, recipes, and ideas for teaching kids about different Catholic traditions and holidays. The writer makes it clear that it is not a "meat and potatoes" site with lots of theology or discussion. It's the "icing" that makes Catholicism more fun and teachable for our kids.

Best Catholic Ap: The confession ap! I don't have a smart phone, but at Mass last weekend our priest told us all about the ap that helps you record or keep track of your sins as they happen, so you can easily review them and prepare yourself for Confession, whether you go once a week or once a year. It also asks you questions to help you with the Examination of Conscience so you can go into the confessional ready to make a full confession and walk away with a clean soul. Obviously, no ap can replace the sacrament itself, but this seems like a great tool!

I don't get a chance to listen to much radio or music besides Kids Songs these days, but there are many talented Catholic musicians and speakers out there. Would anyone else like to share their favorite Catholic or Christian media? I'd love to know what everyone else reads/follows/listens to!

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