Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sleeves up-- it's Springtime!

The first official day of spring might not be until March 21, but on base you know spring is here because we have switched to desert cammies with sleeves up! It is always interesting to me how the military makes their own seasons and holidays regardless of the civilian calendar. Here are some of the interesting USMC holidays I can think of:

1st Day of spring: March 1, switch to desert cammies, sleeves rolled
1st day of summer: May 31, when the base pool opens
1st day of fall: September 1, when the base pool closes
1st day of winter: November 1, switch to green cammies, sleeves down
New Year's: October 1, the start of the fiscal pay changes
Anniversary: October 8, the day my husband's enlistment started
Birthday: November 10, the Marine Corps birthday
Christmas: the 1st and 15th of every month-- Payday!
Graduation: when the annual SNCO and Officer select grade lists are published

In what ways has the military affected your view of time and the passage of the seasons? Anyone want to add holidays to this list?

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