Saturday, February 19, 2011

Family Visits

This weekend we are treated to a visit from my sister-in-law and her 2 kids. Sophia and Danny LOVE when their cousins get to visit! Sophia has been counting down for 2 weeks now, and telling me all the fun things she will do with them. But the cousins are a little older, ages 6 and 10, they they can handle more activities than my little ones. Mine still need naps, so in the morning we played here and went for a short walk while Danny was napping. Then for the few hours everyone was awake we went to the park and out to lunch. It was warm and a little breezy, and everyone was exhausted after running around on the playground for a while! Now we are back home and everyone is enjoying some quiet down time. I think this evening we will have a backyard BBQ, since the weather is amazingly nice for February!

Luckily, the kids are pretty easy to entertain at this age. We just take them to a playground and everyone is happy for an hour. If they visit during the summer we usually go to the beach. We haven't done any trips down to Wilmington because that is a little too far. But I am always looking for interesting short trips to take around the Jacksonville area, whether in summer or winter. Anyone have any kid-friendly ideas besides Chuck E. Cheese and Jump N Jax?

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