Monday, February 14, 2011

Traditions with Daddy

Today was Sunday, which means that as soon as Sophia (our 2-year-old) woke up, she said, "I want yellow eggs!" When Daddy is here, he cooks her scrambled eggs in the morning. On weekdays, when it is just Mommy preparing breakfast for the little ones, we stick with bananas, cold cereal, and sometimes a hard-boiled egg. But yellow eggs have become one of the treasured weekend Daddy traditions. She also knows that if Daddy is at work all day, he will play with her when he gets home-- possibly horsey (when she rides around on his back) or some other rowdy game where she gets thrown up in the air and does a lot of wiggling, giggling, and screeching. Another treat they share on occasion is push-pops. Anytime she hears him open the freezer, she yells, "Daddy's getting a push pop!" and then both kids come running to share a few licks.

I'm glad they have their own little treats and rituals. Of course, these are the things she will miss the most during deployments, but Mommy will just have to do her best to fill in as both parents. These special memories with Daddy are something I hope they will treasure as they get older. I'm sure the treats and traditions will change as the kids get older, but I hope they never lose that special bond with their father. Do you have special rituals and traditions to treasure your kids' time with Daddy? What are they?

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