Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Philosophy lessons from a 2-year-old

Yesterday I was playing with Sophia while Daddy was playing a hockey game on Playstation. I heard the announcer say, "One team is driving uphill, and the other is driving downhill." I playfully turned to Sophia and asked, "Would you rather drive uphill or downhill?" Her response was, "the right way!"

I was surprised by what a clever and meaningful answer this was. Not only was it automatically correct, but it also made me think a little about attitudes in life. I think we often get caught up in whether we are struggling uphill, or coasting downhill. We are frequently complaining about one and yearning for the other. But what's important is not the direction of the incline. It's only important that we constantly try to go the right way. God doesn't always reward us with downhill coasting. Sometimes He intentionally pushes us to struggle uphill. Whether it's a deployment, a move, or a new baby, challenges can be good for us. And they are much easier to accept when we know that it is the right way, His way.

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