Sunday, March 6, 2011

What can you do while waiting for Jell-O?

Tonight I was having a Jell-O craving (yes, I'm pregnant, 4 months along) and I used the "speed-set" method to make it. Well, it definitely takes more than 30 minutes, because while I was waiting for it to do its thing in the fridge, I:
- did the dishes in the sink
- took out the trash
- sorted and started the laundry
- made my husband's lunch
- did a 30 minute workout (elliptical)
- put in another load of laundry
- updated my blog

And now I am still waiting! Come on Jell-O, I need some sweet fruity sugary sweetness! But on a happy note, this is a really productive end to the weekend, and makes me feel a lot more optimistic for the week ahead. :-)

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  1. hi dear, thanks for linking up with the military monday bloghop :] happy to find another marine wife!!

    your children are beautiful!! oh, their eyes melt me!

    talk soon!